Angst at Gabrielino High School

On Thursday, November 15, about 200 students and parents viewed IndieFlix’s documentary Angst at the Goodson Theatre, made possible by a grant from San Gabriel Community Foundation. With one screening in the morning during 4th period and another in the evening with students and parents, these screenings kicked off the line of activities related to the grant “Addressing Teen Stress Through Community Action”.


Following the evening screening, Librarian Fiona Reimers moderated a Q&A with school and community experts including: Hoa Nguyen, LMFT from Asian Pacific Family Center; Denise Ledesma, SGUSD District Social Worker; Chris Saporito, Gabrielino Counselor; and Gil Magana, SGPD Mental Evaluation Team. 


The film stirred up a lot of questions, and the panel did an excellent job of addressing all sorts of topics such as how anxiety relates to social media and whether parents can educate their children on using it, degrees of anxiety and when to be concerned, reluctance of teens to talk to their counselors at school, and issues related to immigrant families and anxiety.  It was a healthy discussion and indicated the level of interest and concern in the community about this issue. 


All participants--parents and students--were encouraged to contact the school counseling office if they had any other questions.